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MK AGENCY are the huge name in cleaning chemicals industry since 2000 started in the Bengaluru, Karnataka state in India. We make and supply cleaning chemicals and products as Brushes, Paper Towels, Toilet Brushes, Drop Mop Sets, Floor Squeezes, Herbal cleaners, Phenyle compounds, Herbal Phenyle and House Keeping Chemicals, Floor cleaning bushes, etc. with the best quality products taking care of matching industrial standards and quality parameters.

We have expertise that take care that all of our products should be made with accurate formulas and best output quality so we deliver the best products easy to use in very competitive prices.

  • Best output quality so we deliver the best products easy to use in very competitive prices.

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We use best raw materials for manufacturing the products.

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We have a good team for giving you the best service.

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Products are available at effective price.

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We have the transport facility for timely delivery.

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Dealers in Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines,floor scrubber vacuum machines,floor carpet cleaning machines,electric floor cleaning machine,commercial floor cleaner machine,ceramic tile cleaning machines,automatic floor cleaning machine for home and office,Smart Cleaning Tools and Housekeeping Products

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M K agencies designs, manufactures, and markets a wide variety of floor cleaning machines for both indoor and outdoor cleaning. Find a scrubber, sweeper, extractor, vacuum, burnisher, floor machine, outdoor green machine, air sweeper, sweeper-scrubber, all-surface cleaner, or other cleaning equipment to fit your environment.​​​​

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Banglore's best manufacturer and distributers of cleaning machines, cleaning tools, and house keeping consumable.